Put Your Faith In Action x3!

      Here are three Actions you can take over the next two weeks: 1. Monday March 19:  Call Senators Warren and Markey Today! Congress will vote on the budget Friday March 23rd.  Call Senators Warren and Markey and ask them NOT TO GIVE ICE ANY ADDITIONAL MONEY.  In the previous vote, Even as Dreamers […]

The Road to Beloved Community

      The Road to Beloved Community: One Congregation’s Commitment to Civil Discourse On November 5, 2017, the UU Church of Marblehead showed the film, “Occupation of the American Mind,” produced by Media Education Foundation. The response from the community was unprecedented.   Rev. Dr. Wendy von Courter and the Marblehead congregation was the focus […]

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State Wide Call In Day!

        Safe Communities Act – Statewide Call-in Day Wed January 31st!  (Handout for Coffee Hour) In the past year, we’ve seen the Trump administration go after immigrants with shocking aggression: from the travel ban, to stepped-up arrests and detentions, to threatening Dreamers. Often we feel helpless. But right now, we have a […]

UUs Collect 2,000 Signatures!

      Wow!  We had a goal to collect 1,000 signatures – we collected 1,000 for each petition!! Many thanks to the volunteers who took action to support this campaign! UUs pledged to collect 1,000 signatures to support the Raise Up Mass ballot initiative calling for: $15 Minimum Wage: Our ballot question would raise […]

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DA Accountability Campaign

      Help us reach our Fundraising goal!  Please give now: https://www.faithify.org/projects/da-accountability-campaign/ The DA Accountability Campaign – Why It’s So Important UU Mass Action is preparing to launch a new campaign aimed at bringing attention to the role of DAs.  We have a goal to raising $2,000 by Nov 9th.  If everyone who receives this […]