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The DA Accountability Campaign – Why It’s So Important

UU Mass Action is preparing to launch a new campaign aimed at bringing attention to the role of DAs.  We have a goal to raising $2,000 by Nov 9th.  If everyone who receives this message chips in $20 we’ll meet our goal!
Here’s the link:  https://www.faithify.org/projects/da-accountability-campaign/
Why this campaign is important:

  • Existing laws have contributed to the five-fold increase in mass incarceration in Massachusetts, but they are not the sole contributing factor.
  • District Attorneys have significant power – they determine who is charged and with which crimes. 
  • DAs drive plea bargaining.  Their success is measured in number of convictions.  They are motivated by convictions and not court diversion or alternatives to incarceration.
  • DAs are elected – the vast majority of people are not aware of this.  Most people do not know who their county’s DA is or their views on criminal justice
  • Over the past 20 years, 77% of DAs ran unopposed.
  • All 11 DA positions are up for reelection in 2018.  Now is the time to bring attention to DA races and educate voters about the candidates and their views on criminal justice
  • UU Mass Action has committed to partnering with the ACLU for this DA accountability project.  The official roll out is scheduled for the 2nd week in November. 


1. Create a ground team in each county
2. Identify candidates running for DA
3. Host community forums and invite the DA and candidates to publically identify their vision and values for criminal justice 
4. Create materials, such as a grading score card, that identifies each candidates record regarding identified criminal justice priorities*
5. Distribute these materials to voters and generate publicity on each candidate, which will inform voters
Please give now! https://www.faithify.org/projects/da-accountability-campaign/

 * Identified priorities
1. Invest In People, Not Prisons
Create Jobs and training opportunities in communities most affected by incarceration
Promoting restorative justice practices
2. End Policies That Increase Incarcerations Rate
End mandatory minimums
Increase felony larceny level from $250 to $1500
Offer pre-trial alternative to imprisonment for primary caretakers charged with a crime
3. End the Criminalization Of Poverty & Addiction
Bail reform
Reduce the criminalization of poverty by eliminating fees, fines and collateral consequences
Diversion to treatment for those with non-violent drug charges
4. End Human Rights Abuses Of People Who Are Incarcerated
Solitary confinement reform
Data collection solitary confinement
5. Give People A Chance At Life, Post Release
Parole reform
6. End Criminalization Of Youth And Support Alternatives To Incarceration
Promote better outcomes for Young people
Increase court diversion programs
Expungement of records for juveniles convicted of crimes

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