Draft Agenda, CWG:BLM Mtg, 2-12-17

Draft Agenda

Meeting of UU Mass Action Certified Working Group (CWG): Black Lives Matter

Sunday, February 12, 2017, 4-6 p.m., at First Parish Cambridge 3 Church Street, Cambridge – in the Parlor

Transportation info- Across from the Harvard T stop – No church parking Free on street parking on Sunday, Open air paid lot on Church St 

Chalice lighting

Finalize Facilitator(s) and Note Taker(s) and Agenda (new items?)

Check-in’s with your name and congregation only. 5-10 minutes

Conversation about how we can best support BLM Cambridge, with our special guest DiDi Delgato, Congregational Advocacy & Witness Program Assistant, Multicultural Growth and Witness, UUA.org

Optional Brief Updates on what our congregations are currently doing in the area of Racial Justice. (These can also be made before or after the meeting via the google group)

Optional Brief Updates on any current activities of groups that we are following and/or working with. (These can also be made before or after the meeting via the google group) :

• SURJ Boston – Almas

• Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries – Edythe

• NAACP Boston – Ron

• NAACP Mystic Valley – Patty

• BLM Boston – Beth

• BLM Cambridge – Lynette

• UUUM – Judy and/or Marcia

• Community Change – Cindy

• GRACE – Cindy

• MA Moral Mondays – Patty and/or Rosemary

• Louise D. Brown Institute – Margie

• Arlington Town Diversity Task Force – Lynette

• Black Lives of UU – Lori K.

• Mothers for Justice and Equality – Cassie

• Others?

Identify any new or current projects of our CWG’s for break out and/or planning groups today:

• Working with the police – Rosemary

• Planning an event sponsored by our CWG and inviting other congregations – Almas – possibly a meeting with training for us from BLM Cambridge and/or SURJ – Edythe and Katherine will help too

• Working with interfaith groups – Edythe

• Developing a toolkit and volunteer speakers team. – Patty

• Developing a Google Calendar

• Blue Ribbons group

• BLM Signs group

• Outreach/Support to BLM groups

• Other idea?

Summary comments to group about Break out Groups.

Plans for next quarterly meeting

Check out with one sentence about what your experience of the meeting was today.