Pass the 4 Key Protections!

We’ve marched, we’ve rallied, we’ve called, we’ve showed up – 

but we’re not done yet!

First of all, thanks to all who came to the State House on Tuesday! We had a good group and certainly were seen and heard all across the building. Here’s some of the coverage:  MassLiveState House News Service and Telemundo.

So the good news is, the budget is still in play. Clearly our advocacy, combined with strong leadership on the Senate side, has made it impossible to simply brush off our immigrant protections.

The bad news is that Speaker DeLeo has now said several times that he doesn’t think he has the votes to pass immigrant protections. (Here he is Monday in SHNS, and yesterday in SHNS: “I feel that it is
something that, as we’re standing here right now, if you were to say take a bill to the floor and to try to get a bill passed I think it would be very difficult.”)

Of course this isn’t about voting on the Safe Communities Act, but about a narrow set of provisions with broad support, wrapped in the larger budget. Still, it’s clear the Speaker sees even this as politically difficult. Today’s Globe argues that the budget delays  help Governor Baker, as he could veto anything he dislikes without
the Legislature having time to override him. The Berkshire Eagle  goes further, saying the Speaker “appears to be running out the clock on policy proposals advocated for by the more liberal Senate.”

Take Action

The House has a formal session scheduled for Tue July 17at 1 pm. We need to make one more round of calls on Monday.  We are tweaking the message a bit: Don’t just tell your Rep to
support the Safe Communities provisions; have them say explicitly,

“If the Speaker brings this to the floor, I will vote for it.” 
Each representative needs to communicate this message to Speaker DeLeo

You can find your Rep here, or use MIRA’s Phone2Action tool.
If the budget isn’t released by Monday, we’ll do yet another round of calls then.

Last, but not least, keep posting on social media! Here’s the link again 
to sample posts and artwork.

Keep up the good fight!

On behalf of the SCA Steering Committee

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