Thank Your Representative!

Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform Bill Passes the House 144 -9!

Senate bill, S.2185 was passed 10/26/17
House bill, H.4011 (now, S.2200) was passed 11/14/17

What Happens Next

The next step is for both bills to go to the Conference Committee where members will decide on a single bill. At this point, the sections of the bill that are in agreement remain the same. Only the sections where the outcome differed will be discussed in committee.

What you can do – take a moment to thank your representative! Send them an email or letter and thank them for their vote!
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No votes: Rep. Berthiaume, Rep. Boldyga, Rep. DeCoste, Rep. Diehl, Rep. Dooley, Rep. Kuros, Rep. Lombardo, Rep. Lyons, and Rep. O’Connell.

Did not vote: Rep. Benson, Rep. Calter, Rep. Finn, Rep. Heroux, and Rep. Scaccia

Please also thank Rep. Claire Cronin, the House co-chair of the Judiciary Committee. Her efforts were extraordinary and crucial to getting this passed!
Mail: State House Room 136, 24 Beacon Street, Boston MA, 02133

For a summary of the bill and amendments outcome, please see this summary created by Lori Kenschaft, Coordinator, Mass Incarceration Working Group of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington and member of UU Mass Action’s End Mass Incarceration Together (EMIT) team

For the outcome of all 212 amendments, click HERE

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