The Lynn Holbein Award

The Lynn Holbein Award

UU Mass Action created this award in honor of our founder and board president, Lynn Holbein.  Lynn founded UU Mass Action in 2005 and was our board president from 2005 to 2017.  She continues to serve as UU Mass Action’s vice president.  It was through Lynn’s vision for a more unified UU social justice movement in Massachusetts and her dedication to transforming a dream into a reality that our UU State Action Network came into being.  As a social justice activist her entire adult life, Lynn is dedicated to nuclear disarmament, economic justice, protecting our democratic process and criminal justice reform.  Lynn is also a painter and teacher who volunteers her time teaching art to people who are incarcerated.  Lynn is a long time member of the First Unitarian Society of Newton.

Qualifications for the Award

The Lynn Holbein award is given to a person who has demonstrated a commitment to social justice and through their leadership and engaged others to take action, as well.  This award recognizes the contributions made by a person whose work has transformed social justice organizing in a way that maximizes the collective impact of activists.  UU’s are preferred, but non-UU’s will be considered. The Executive Director of UU Mass Action may also nominate a person who actions are exemplary and reflect the values of Lynn Holbein.

Nomination forms are available on our website.

How the Award is Chosen

The members of the UU Mass Action board will review the applications and select a recipient in March.  The award will be presented to the recipient at the annual Advocacy Day event or a similar gathering in April or early May.  Note: the Executive Director will not vote on the award recipient.

Nomination Form: Nomination Form

Award Recipients

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