What’s the Plan for UU Advocacy Day?

UU Advocacy Day is our chance to come together in force and share our moral agenda with our elected leaders.  We have made a few changes in how we are organizing this event.  Our numbers have grown each year (150 UU’s gathered last year!) and this has influenced planning for this event.  We incorporated your feedback from last year’s event into this year’s planning.  If you have questions or would like support mobilizing your congregation, contact: Laura Wagner lwagner@uumassaction.org

The Plan:

Register!  The early bird discount ended March 20th but you can still register!  A list of appointments will be made available to you at Advocacy Day and you’l be able to join a scheduled meeting.  If an appointment was not made with your legislators, you may walk-in and ask to speak with a legislative aide.  Registration Fee $35

Why do we charge a registration fee?  We use this money to help defray the cost of lunch, supplies, pay the speaker honorarium and to pay the building usage fee.  If possible, please consider making a donation when registering.  this will help others to attend a t a reduced fee.  Thank you!

Some groups (by Senator) will have a lead who will invite you to discuss your meeting strategy prior to April 11th. For the groups that don’t have a lead, concalls are being set up during which you can call in, go over the plan and ask questions.  The next call is:

Thursday March 30th at 7:00 PM  Call in Info:

712-432-0265,   315236#

Tuesday, April 11th Agenda: 2017 Agenda, final

More Info:

Presentation of the Ruth Rowan Award  This year’s recipient in Rev Fred Small!

Music: Rev Fred Small, Climate Justice Minister, Arlington Street Church

Worship: Rev John Gibbons, First Parish in Bedford

Keynote Speaker: Rev Paul Robeson Ford, Union Baptist Church in Cambridge

There are multiple documents available to help you learn more about our legislative priorities.  Go to our legislation page to learn more.

Our Vision: A World Where ll People Are Honored and Valued