What’s the Plan for UU Advocacy Day?

UU Advocacy Day is our chance to come together in force and share our moral agenda with our elected leaders.  We have made a few changes in how we are organizing this event.  Our numbers have grown each year (150 UU’s gathered last year!) and this has influenced planning for this event.  We incorporated your feedback from last year’s event into this year’s planning.  If you have questions or would like support mobilizing your congregation, contact: Laura Wagner lwagner@uumassaction.org

The Plan:

From now through March 20thRegister!  You’ll take advantage of the early bird fee and be able to engage in pre-advocacy day communication/planning.  The registration fee increases to $35 starting March 21st.

When you register, let us know if you’re willing to be a group leader.  The group leader will:

  • Make the appointment with your senator and/or representative.  
  • Gather the group for at least one meeting prior to Advocacy Day (either concall or in person).  You will prep the group for Advocacy Day and answer any questions
  • On Advocacy Day, you will gather the group and lead the meeting with the legislator


Why do we charge a registration fee?  We use this money to help defray the cost of lunch, supplies, pay the speaker honorarium and to pay the building usage fee.  If possible, please consider making a donation when registering.  this will help others to attend a t a reduced fee.  Thank you!

Shortly after March 21st, you will be contacted by your group leader and invited to a pre-advocacy day discussion (either by phone or in person).  This will be your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the bills and discuss how to effectively lobby.

Tuesday, April 11th Agenda

Gather between 9:30 & 10:00 AM.  The program will start promptly at 10:00 AM


Presentation of the Ruth Rowan Award

Music: Rev Fred Small, Climate Justice Minister, Arlington Street Church

Worship: Rev John Gibbons, First Parish in Bedford

Presentation of awards to lead volunteers

Keynote Speaker: Rev Paul Robeson Ford, Union Baptist Church in Cambridge

Framing our work: An overview of our justice movements, Laura Wagner, Executive Director

12:15-1:00 Lunch Break, participants will be grouped by senators. This will give you a chance to review the advocacy plan with your group leader.

1:30 First Meeting, Senators

2:15 Second Meeting, Representatives

3:00 Meet-up in State House conference room (TBA), complete evals and turn in advocacy feedback forms

You’ll notice that we will not be breaking into issue area groups.  This decision reflects our shift towards movement building – this is a justice movement, not an issue movement!  Each group will speak to our overall vision for justice:

A World Where All People Are Valued And Honored

The group leader will present the one-sheet that lists the legislation we have identified that will help us achieve this vision for justice.  Each participant is welcomed to say a few words about the bill(s) about which they feel most passionately.

A volunteer from the group will be asked to record the details of the meeting on a feedback sheet which you will be provided.  Please turn in this sheet and fill out the event evaluation form prior to leaving the State House.  The meet-up space will be a conference room in the State House (room# TBA).

This is a time to come together, celebrate our accomplishments and take an active role in our legislative process.  Our success is shared between us!  

Next Steps:  Coming together as a force in the State House is important, but not the end of our work together.  The packets you will receive will include information on how to host in-district meetings and build a relationship with your elected officials.