Statement of Belief

Climate Justice & Action

UU Mass Action is committed to the abolition of fossil fuels and the just transition to 100% renewable clean energy. We believe that the technology is available to make this change, all that is lacking is the political will.  We believe that we cannot wait for our elected officials to take action – the people must take action.  A change of this magnitude requires a shared vision and effective organizing.  We will only achieve this vision if we work together.  In the words of Naomi Klein, “It’s going to take everyone to change everything.”

Our Priorities

Environmental Justice

100% Clean, Renewable Energy for all

Green Infrastructure Investment

Plan of Action

Ideas for Taking Action

Engage with front-line, environmental justice leaders: UU Mass Action is a supporter of Chelsea Greens Roots

Participate in Legislative Action: UU Mass Action is a member of the Mass Power Forward Coalition, which includes almost 200 climate action organizations here in Massachusetts. Together, we identify priority legisaltion that has the greatest chance of both meeting our shared goals and passing during the legisaltive session. This year’s priorities are *

  1. Environmental Justice Bill

  2. 100% Clean, Renewable Energy Bill

  3. Equitable Carbon Pricing / Transportation

Click here to go to our legislation info page

Engage Membership in Local Action and non-legislative projects:

These projects develop throughout the year and are based on urgent need, UU local engagements and/or collective action within our coalition. These may be corporate focused projects, state agency focused projects, such as DPU reform or direct action.


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MA Green New Deal Webinar Created by our partners at 350 MA for a Better Future, 1/17/19

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How Extreme Wether is Shrinking the Planet, The New Yorker, Nov 26, 2018 Author: Bill McKibben

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