Statement of Belief

Economic Justice

At UU Mass Action, we believe:

  • A person employed full time should be able to meet their basic, economic needs

  • All people should pay their fair share of taxes and contribute to the common good

  • Strong communities make a strong Commonwealth.  Economic decisions must be driven by their impact on the common good.

Our Priorities

UU Mass Action is a member of the Raise Up Mass Coalition. We are currently engaged in discussion regarding legislative priorities for the 2019-2020 legislative session.

Plan of Action

When the legislative priorities are identified, we will have more details available regarding ways to engage.


Paid Family And Medical Leave

MA PFML Provisions Chart

MA PFML Basics

Raise Up Mass Statement, June 2018

Raise Up Mass Action Coalition Statement

On June 28th Governor Baker signed into law the $15 Minimum Wage Law and the Paid Family Medical Leave law that we worked so hard with our colleagues in Raise UP MA to get passed.

This only happened because we gathered 360,000 signatures of voters last fall and this spring, and the countless meetings we had with legislators. Without this, these huge wins would never, never, never have happened. TOGETHER WE DID IT!  WE HAVE ENABLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE in MA to HAVE MORE OPPORTUNITY AND SECURITY IN THEIR LIVES!!

This will help 840,000 low wage earners get $2.75 Billion (yes Billion!) in wage increases over 5 years.

The Paid Family Medical Leave law will enable almost all workers in MA… many millions…to get 20 weeks of paid time off for serious illness or injury to themselves and up to 12 weeks to care for a family member with such illness or injury who needs their care. Also covers maternity, paternity, and military leave.

The Paid Family Medical Leave is the strongest in the country and overall our new Massachusetts law is even better than the $15 Wage laws in CA and NY in several areas. Our Raise Up statement is at the bottom of this email.

State House News Service said of our efforts: “Raise Up has established itself as a force on Beacon Hill, having successfully fought for the last minimum wage increase, an earned sick time law and now having likely secured another minimum wage increase and the establishment of a paid leave program. The coalition also succeeded in convincing House Speaker Robert DeLeo that another minimum wage increase was necessary on the heels of the boost approved in 2014.”

The members of the Raise Up Mass Coalition (including UU Mass Action) are deeply disappointed by the phase out of time-and-a-half wages on Sunday and holidays for retail workers and the amount of the tipped worker increase. We are deeply motivated to fight for new state revenue since the Millionaires Tax is off the ballot. These are all issues to consider for work in 2019.