Statement of Values

End Mass Incarceration

We recognize Mass Incarceration as the New Jim Crow, which is a system of oppression designed to remove primarily black men from our society, but also black women, and people from the Latinx community. In addition, people living in poverty and many other groups marginalized by our society are oppressed by this system of injustice.  It must end.

Our Priorities

UU Mass Action, in collaboration with our Criminal Law Reform coalition partners, celebrates the passing of the historic Criminal Law reform bill in 2018 (see Senator Brownsberger’s summary).  However, we also understand this achievement to be an important first step.  Now, our role is to

  1. Hold officials accountable for meeting the mandates of the new laws

  2. Shift communities and leadership officials away from understanding incarceration as the solution to economic, public health and social problems.  We continue with our commitment to support alternative responses to community problems.

  3. End the torture that is solitary confinement

Plan of Action

UU Mass Action is a member of the Criminal Law Reform Coalition and Massachusetts Against Solitary Confinement Coalition. We are also partners in the Massachusetts Against Solitary Confinement Coaltion as well as the #DADifference Campaign.

Our leadership team of volunteers is, EMIT (End Mass Incarceration Together)

Our plan of action for the coming legislative year includes:

  1. Holding officials accountable for new mandates regarding data collection (DOC/HOC/Adminstration & Legislators) EMIT team is coordinating this effort

  2. Engaging in Courtwatch - We are working with our #DADifference partners on this project. When the new District Attorneys take office in January 2019, the #DADifference team will have volunteers doing courtwatch for the first 100 days. If you’d like to sign up or learn more, go to the Courtwatch MA website.

  3. Legislative Advocacy - we will continue with our commitment to Criminal Law Reform

Council of State Governments, Justice Center: 2016-2017 Reports

Resource list, compiled by Colleen Kirby, LWV: Criminal Justice Reform Reading List