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First Parish Concord, 6/9/19

First Parish Concord, 6/9/19

Concord Votes to Support the Green New Deal 

First Parish in Concord, MA, a Unitarian Universalist church, unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to endorse the aspirational goals of the Green New Deal (GND) at its annual meeting of the congregation on June 9, 2019. Feel free to visit the First Parish website and share the GND resolution with your own representatives.

The Green New Deal put forth by Senator Edward Markey of MA and Representative Alexandria

Ocasio-Cortez of NY proposes a ten-year national mobilization effort to address the escalating social chaos we will encounter with runaway climate change. First Parish sees the GND as the only federal plan put forward so far to adequately address the interwoven crises of climate catastrophe and economic inequality at the scale that science and justice demand.

Creating Sanctuary Everywhere

Creating Sanctuary Everywhere

Shifting Resources, Building Power

There are several funds that have a direct impact on supporting immigrant families - raising bond, helping to pay legal fees and supporting families in crisis with funds for housing, food clothing and other emergency expenses. Please support this work today.

Metrowest Immigrant Solidarity Network - Neighbors Fund


Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network

This link takes you the fiscal sponsor, Episcopal City Mission. Select “Beyond Bond & Legal Defense Fund”

The Boston Immigrant Justice Network is seeking monthly donors to support the hotline project. Click the botton below to learn more.

Fair Share Amendment

Fair Share Amendment

Fair Share Passes 1st, Vote 147 - 48!

There are three major hurdles to make it over and we cleared the first!  We are one step closer to the Fair Share amendment becoming law in Nov 2022.

The amendment must pass its second Constitutional Convention in 2021 before finally going to the ballot in November of 2022 when voters across the Commonwealth will have the opportunity to vote the amendment into law. 

See how your legislator voted

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