immigrant rights

Coalition: Safe Communities Coalition

The bill was drafted with the support and input of some 50 Safe Communities Coalition members. It’s far more succinct but at least as strong the 2017 version, with better due-process protections and new language on training, implementation and accountability.

S.1401 /H.3573 An Act to Protect the Civil Rights and Safety of All Massachusetts Residents.   

Senate Sponsor: Jamie Eldridge

House Co-Sponsors: Liza Miranda and Ruth Balser


S.2061/H.3012 Work & Family Mobility Act An act to provide drivers licenses to immigrant and refugee populations throughout the state.

Senate Sponsor: Brendan Crighton

House Sponsors: Tricia Farley-Bouvier and Christine Barber


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CLimate Action & Justice

Coalition: Mass Power Forward

The Outcomes we Prioritize:

Environmental Justice - Include communities impacted by climate change and fossil fuel pollution as participants in crafting new, equitable policy


100% Renewables - Set an ambitious goal to equitably reach 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2045


Equitable Green Infrastructure Investment - Use mechanisms such as equitable carbon pricing or the transportation climate initiative to invest today to create the future we want


Our Priority Legislation

Which are related to these outcomes

1) S.453/H.826 and S.464/H.761 - An Act relative to Environmental Justice - Sen. DiDomenico /  Rep. Madaro and Sen. Eldridge/ Rep. Dubois & Rep. Miranda   

2) S.1958/H.2836 An Act Re-powering Massachusetts with 100% Renewable Energy - Sen. Eldridge / Rep. Decker & Rep. Garbally

3) H.2810 An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions - Rep. Benson

     S.2106/H.3008 An Act to Advance Modern and Sustainable Solutions for Transportation - Sen. Lesser / Rep. Ehrlich 

(The two bills listed as priority three are complimentary to one another)

Click here to see a video overview of our priority created by our partners at 350MA for a Better Future

In Addition to these top three priorities, The Mass Power Forward Coalition is endorsing additional these bills which we believe will will help us reach our vision. This is not an exhaustive list - these were chosen because they address the problems we face in an equitable way. You can find the complete list HERE

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economic justice

Coalition: Raise Up Mass

The Fair Share Amendment: The Supreme Judicial Court’s narrow ruling last May means we cannot dedicate revenue to transportation and public education in a citizen’s constitutional amendment – but we can in a legislative amendment. The Fair Share Amendment (dedicating revenue to transportation & Education) has be filed as a piece of legislation this session. 

S.16  Senate Sponsor Jason Lewis

H.86  House Sponsor James O’Day



In addtion to the Raise Up Mass Priority, UU Mass Action is has also prioritized the following worker rights bills. We are working in coalition with Worker Centers (IWCC) and Labor Unions on this effort

S.1066/ An Act to prevent wage theft, promote employer accountability, and enhance public enforcement.  Senate Sponsor: Sal DiDomenico

H.1610  An Act updating overtime protections to protect the Commonwealth's middle class workers House Sponsor: Dan Donahue


S.1068/ H.1670 An Act protecting Injured Workers.  

Sponsor: Jamie Eldridge  House Sponsor: Tram Nguyen




Coalition: MASC

The DOC is not following the mandates for Solitary Confinement Reform as required by the Criminal Justice Reform Act (2018). In response, Senator Jamie Eldridge has submitted a late file bill to address the issues. We are continuing to advocate for the LGBTQI bill, but data collection changes are included in the SD.2532 which now takes priority.

SD.2532 CJ Reform Protections for all Prisoners in Segregated Confinement

Senate Sponsor: Jamie Eldridge


S.905 /H.1341 An Act to collect data on LGBTQI prisoners held in restrictive housing 

Senate Sponsor: Julian Cyr    

House Sponsor: Rep. Ruth Balser



S.937/H.1343 An Act relative to treatment, not imprisonment

Senate Sponsor: Cindy Friedman

House Sponsor: Ruth Balser


S.1145/S.1700 An Act ensuring access to addiction services

Senate Sponsor: Cindy Friedman

House Sponsor: Ruth Balser


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Certified Working Group:


S.414/H.719 Ranked Choice Voting, State Elections

Senate Sponsor: Jason Lewis

House Sponsors: Andres Vargas & Andrian Madero

S.420/H.635 Ranked Choice Voting, Municipal Elections

Senate Sponsor: Rebecca Rausch

House Sponsor: Jennifer Benson

Lead Campaign Sonsors

Lead Campaign Sonsors

Certified Working Group:


Indigenous Peoples Day H.3665  (House Sponsor: Jack Lewis)  An act establishing Indigenous Peoples Day the second Monday in October and ending Columbus Day.

Change the State Flag & Seal S.1877 / H.2776 (Senate Sponsor: Jason Lewis /House Sponsors: Lindsay Sabadosa and Nika Elugardo).  Create a special commission relative to the seal and motto of the Commonwealth.

Prohibit Native American Mascots in Public Schools S.247/H.443 (Senate Sponsor: Joanne Comerford/ House Sponsors: Nika Elugardo and Tami Gouveia).  Prohibit the use of Native American mascots in Massachusetts Public Schools.

Protect Native American Heritage S.1811/H.2948 (Senate Sponsor: Nick Collins/ House Sponsors: Dave Rogers and David Biele).  Deacquisition Native American objects from any entity receiving funds from the Commonwealth.

Educate Native Youth H.444 (House Sponsor: Nika Elugardo) Creation of a permanent commission.

UU Mass Action is also engaged with efforts to ensure that the criminal law reforms that was passed last session are implemented. We are continuing to engage with the #DADifference Campaign, the Court Watch MA Project, and the Mass Bail Fund

Additional Criminal Justice Reform legislation that will have a positive impact