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If you would like to propose an action, please contact Laura Wagner lwagner@uumassaction.org

The individual congregations which have been certified as a welcoming congregation, are encouraged to continuing honoring the covenant they have created.

Recent Campaigns

2018, Ballot Question #3: Uphold Transgender Rights in Massachusetts. Voting Yes on 3 means upholding fairness and dignity for transgender people like me—basic protections all Bay Staters should have.  For more information, see Freedom Massachusetts, Yes on 3 website

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2016 Transgender Non-discrimination Campaign

This working group’s 2016 action focused on the passing (SB 735 and HB 1577) – which was a success!

Our group’s purpose is to rally Massachusetts UU’s to support the passage of critical legislation that will prohibit discrimination of transgender people in our state’s public accommodations   Currently, a person can be denied service at one of our public establishments, like a restaurant or a shop, simply for being transgender.  And transgender folks have no protections if they use the bathroom or locker rooms that correspond to their gender identities.  We are  reaching out to UU congregations throughout Massachusetts to encourage UU’s to contact their legislators and the Governor to urge the bill’s passage and we are also coordinating with Freedom Massachusetts, the lead campaign organization, to marshal all supportive faith communities in this effort.

Contact www.freedommassachusetts.org to find out more about the bill and transrights@follen.org to find out how you can help.