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Take Action Today!

Are you concerned about the attacks on immigrants and the separation of families?  Here’s how you can take action for state wide protections!

The Safe Communities Coalition is working hard to establish 4 Key protections for immigrant families in Massachusetts.  The Senate voted in favor of these 4 key protections via budget amendment on Wed May 23rd (25 -13)  See amendment language and roll call vote  Now, we need advocates to maintain pressure on state legislators and demand that we protect families this legislative session.

This week’s action (if you already called/email, please follow up to make sure action was taken)

  1. Call your Representative – ask them to support the 4 Key protections by contacting the conferees* and letting them know that they support the protections.

Find you legislator here:

* Conferees are the members of the conference committee.  The conference committee will reconcile the Senate and House budget and then send it back to the floor for an “up and down” vote (meaning, no more amendments are allowed).  The Conference Committee members will be announced today, but they are expected to be:

   House: Jeffrey Sanchez, House Ways & Means Chair (15th Suffolk), Stephen Kulik (1st Franklin), and Todd Smola (1st Hampden)

   Senate: Karen Spilka, Senate Ways & Means Chair (2nd Middlesex and Norfolk), Joan Lovely (2nd Essex), Vinny deMacedo (Plymouth & Barnstable)

Note: If you are a constituent of one of the conferees your call is especially important!!

  1. Contact House Speaker DeLeo – he needs to hear from people and know that there is tremendous voter support for the 4 key protections! 617-722-2500


  1. Contact Governor Baker – Tell him that you want families to stay together.    617-725-4005

Sample language for your call to your Representative:

Hello, my name is ____ and I’m calling from (city/town) to let you know that I support the 4 Key Protections that were included in the Senate budget on May 23rd (amendment 1147).  I’m asking that you contact the members of the budget conference committee and let them know that these 4 protections should be included in the reconciled budget.

 Also, I ask that you please communicate your support of the 4 Key Protections to House Speaker DeLeo and that you want the opportunity to vote to protect immigrant families this session.

Loved ones need to be together – especially children and their parents.  Please do the right thing and protect immigrant families.  Thank you.

Four key protections Summary:

1) No police inquiry about immigration status,

2) Stop collaboration agreements with ICE,

3) Provide basic due process protections and,

4) Refuse to contribute to any discriminatory registry

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