Take Action to Protect Immigrant Families

The news of families being separated at the border is horrifying.  In Massachusetts, this is a daily occurrence – that must stop.  We can take action now to protect families.  Here’s what you need to know:

What’s happening: The State Senate voted in favor of the 4 Key Protections Amendment to be included in the Senate Budget.  The House and Senate version of the budget are now in conference committee.  We have approximately three weeks to make sure the 4 Key protections are included in the reconciled budget that will return to the Senate and House for an “Up or Down” vote (meaning, no more amendments are allowed).  Then, we need to call on the Governor to vote for the budget as is and not veto the amendment. 

We have a real chance of succeeding but only if we help create an avalanche of action calling on our elected officials to do the right thing and protect immigrant families.  We need you to take action – here’s how:

1. Sign this letter – the letter will be delivered to the conference committee members, Speaker DeLeo and the Governor at the action on June 13th  (read the letter)  Sign, and then share with 10 of your friends, post on Facebook, post in your congregations communication – anything, just help get the word out.

2. Come to the Rally on Wed June 13th at 10:30 AM – we need lots of people, especially clergy!  We will meet at the State House Steps at 10:30 AM.  Then, we’ll enter the State House together, march through the halls singing and chanting, as we deliver the letters.  We will occupy the space outside of the Governor’s office reminding him to #FamiliesNotFear and #DontDeportMyDad
Clergy are especially needed at this point.  We will hear testimony from people who are impacted, and we would love to have clergy members to lead us in prayer.  We need singers, too!

Participants: Please bring a picture of your loved ones – your children, your parents, or anyone you love.  Also, please bring signs for the march

3. Keep making those calls!  Click the link to learn how

Thank you for taking action!  We can do this, but only if we work together!

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