The Latest from the Local Poor People’s Campaign

Latest News and an Invitation from the local Poor People’s Campaign

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Over the last few weeks we have accomplished a great deal. We have been a part of brave and well-coordinated acts of civil disobedience and galvanized an enormous and authentic network of activists of varied backgrounds focused on building a real movement to fight the evils of systemic racism, rampant militarism and poverty.

We have also built up a network of people committed to the Poor People‚Äôs Campaign.  

Now we are moving into phase two where our work must be more relational and intentional. We will further the vision and  moral tradition that has united us while moving from wide recruiting to deep canvassing.

In order to achieve this mission, we will be having a number of working and skill-based meetings over the next 3 weeks that will, hopefully, transform and grow us into a powerful force that is based on deep organizing. The dates of our meetings are as follows:

Our mission will be: To further the 90 days of Poor People’s Campaign in the Metro Boston area while coordinating with the National Campaign and allowing our various members to branch out interdependently and provide the basic and targeting training and skills needed to conduct a successful deep canvassing effort that leads to deep relational connections, voter registration and people activation.

Our next meeting date will be this Thursday August 2nd  from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Roxbury Innovation Center at which time we will review and discuss the overall plan for the next 3 weeks.  Your input at this meeting will be appreciated.



During these skill-based sessions, we will also seek to make these days and sessions exciting and fun while emphasizing the seriousness of the situation that we are going into. Each week we will have a variety of experienced and seasoned organizers from different organizations come speak to us about the work that they do regarding deep canvassing. We hope, out of these trainings and exchanges, that you will be prepared to further the trainings that you received in your own organizations and relationships. We look forward to working with you over the next few weeks.


PPC MA Canvass Coordinator


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