Since 2006 UU Mass Action has been organizing and mobilizing the 20,000 Unitarian Universalists and 142 congregations in Massachusetts to confront oppression. Our pathways to justice are selected by identifying the priorities in which our congregations are engaged, engaging in our coalition partners shared priorities, assessing legislative momentum and identifying who are most vulnerable people in tour Commonwealth.

Our funding comes from three main sources: individuals, congregations and grants. We are an efficient organization that makes every donated dollar count!  This is our shared, state action network - we are truly grateful for every dollar donated!

Below are the current lists of foundations and congregations who support our work.

2018 Year End Report

2018-2019 Foundation Grants (FY19)

  • Unitarian Universalist Funding Program –  Fund for Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibility. Two grants (1) $20,000 (1) $10,000 plus $2,500 match

  • Episcopal City Mission $15,000

  • Alice Rowan Swanson Foundation $2,000

  • Church World Service, Sanctuary Support $2,000

2018-2019 Justice Partner Congregations

$10,000+ Level of Annual Support 

  •   First Parish in Concord

$1,000 - $4,999 Level of Annual Support 

  • The First Church of Belmont UU 

  • Society of the First Church Boston

  • First Parish in Cambridge UU

  • UU Church of Greater Lynn Spinney / Mudge Foundation

  • First Unitarian Society in Newton

  • Unitarian Church of Sharon

  • Jones Foundation, First Parish Waltham

  • The Winchester Unitarian Society Congregation Grant and plate share

$500 -$999 Level of Annual Support

  • First Parish in Brookline

  • First Parish Brewster UU

  • First Parish Unitarian Church, Chelmsford

  • First Parish in Framingham

  • First Parish Church of Groton

  • First Parish in Hingham “Old Ship”

  • First Parish in Lexington

  • First Church Littleton, Rochelle Chambless Edgar Bell Fund

  • UU Church of Greater Lynn

  • First Parish in Milton

  • UU Parish if Monson

  • First Parish Church in Plymouth

  • First Parish Church of Stow & Acton

  • First Parish in Wayland

  • First Parish Church United, Westford Outreach Grant

  • The First Parish Church in Weston

$100-$499 Level of Annual Support

  • First Parish in Bedford

  • All Souls, Braintree

  • First Parish UU Church Bridgewater

  • Theodore Parker Church

  • First Parish Church, Duxbury

  • Follen Church Society, Social Action Team Grant

  • Gloucester UU Church

  • All Souls, Greenfield

  • Harvard UU Church

  • First Parish Kingston

  • UU Church of Marlborough & Hudson

  • UU Society of Martha’s Vineyard

  • Melrose UU Church

  • Northshore UU Church

  • First Congregational Parish, UU, Petersham

  • UU Area Church in Sherborn

  • UU Meeting of South Berkshire

  • The UU Society of Greater Springfield

  • First Parish of Sudbury

  • First Universalist Society of Wakefield

  • First Parish in Wayland

  • UU Society of Wellesley

  • UU Church of Worcester (Holden St)