A certified working group is a pathway to developing new, grassroots led projects. UU Mass Action staff focus on the four primary campaigns. If you, as a member of a UU congregation, would like to propose an idea for developing a new working group, you are encouraged to do so. The following explains how.


  1. Applicants will be able to demonstrate collaboration with at least 3 UU congregations (at least 1 person from each congregation).  If the applicant is unaware of others who are interested in the same issue, Laura Wagner, UU Mass Action, will assist you in finding people with whom you can  collaborate.

  2. Applicants will demonstrate collaboration with at least one community partner.  This will be accomplished through co-facilitating a community workshop, participating in a meeting at the community partner ‘s office where the issue is explored or any activity that demonstrates the development of relationship with a community partner.

Once developed, the CWG will be expected to:

  1. Plan at least one community gathering that focuses on the issue in collaboration with the community partner.

  2. Prepare a written summary of the issue strategy and submit this to Laura Wagner (describe what you plan to do during the year).

  3. Track  active bills related to the issue and provide updates to Laura Wagner.

  4. Plan networking/education events and opportunities for action/demonstration related to the issue

  5. Submit a year-end evaluation to Laura Wagner in April, detailing the issue related activities  that occurred throughout the year (July to April)


Please complete this form if you’d like to propose a new working group

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