UUMAN is a 501(c)3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Your contribution is deductible to the full extent provided by law.

UU Mass Action believes our faith calls us to change the world. Grounded in democracy, powered by hope, we mobilize Unitarian Universalists to overcome injustice.

To fulfill this mission we receive funding from three main sources: Individual Donors, Congregational Gifts, and Grants. About two thirds of that funding comes from individual Unitarian Universalists and Unitarian Universalist Congregations.

Give by mail:  PO Box 224, Greenbush MA 02040-0224


There are Three Ways to Support the Work of UU Mass Action: 

Monthly Donors:

By becoming a monthly donor you ensure that UU Mass Action has the financial resources over the long haul to fulfill our mission. Monthly donors are the backbone of our organization and we encourage those who can to have a monthly gift taken directly from their bank account.

When a monthly pledge of $15 or more you are eligible to receive a DVD of our 2015 Story Slam or a copy of Rev Stephen Shick’s book, Be the Change – just let us know if you’d like either one of these gifts. Your consistent support helps us plan a reliable future!

Individual Donors:

Every individual financial gift we receive will be used to mobilize Unitarian Universalists to live their faith in the world. Individuals can give via credit card or by mailing a check made out to UU Mass Action to: PO Box 224, Greenbush, MA  02040.

    • $25 gift will support an action alert to 1000 Unitarian Universalists about an important justice issue.
    • $100 gift will mobilize 200 Unitarian Universalists to contact their legislator through email, phone or writing a letter.
    • $500 gift will mobilize a group of Unitarian Universalists to meet with their legislator or other elected official.
    • $1000 gift will fund a workshop for Unitarian Universalists to engage in deep learning around a justice issue.
    • $2000 gift will fund the development of a relationship with a community partner in justice making.


Congregational Donations:

There are many ways that Unitarian Universalist congregations can support the work of UU Mass Action. Inviting UU Mass Action to preach, holding a special collection or making a $2 per congregation member gift are just some of the ways your church can support UU Mass Action’s mission. Click here to learn more.

Our mailing address is UU Mass Action  PO Box 224  Greenbush, MA  02040